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Why are polymer alloy cable trays popular with customers?

1. Scope of application:
Polymer alloy cable tray is widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, underground integrated pipe gallery, high-speed railway, communication, hospital, new energy power generation and photovoltaic power generation and other industries. It is a new type of polymer building material that can replace the traditional metal bridge, which is in line with the development trend of the current era.

2. Features:
The appearance of the polymer alloy cable tray is neat, the lines are beautiful and smooth, the color can be customized, and the decoration is strong. And its standard length is 2 meters, which improves the installation speed, reduces the waste of accessories resources, and facilitates subsequent operations. The double-layer hollow structure of the polymer alloy cable tray is light in weight, and there is no need for large-scale lifting machinery and open flame operations such as welding and cutting during installation. The molecular structure of the raw material has natural anti-corrosion properties, combined with different functional additives, it has better anti-aging quality, and is suitable for special corrosive environments such as different climates.

And it also has insulation, the product is non-conductive, not grounded, and has good safety protection performance. When the cable is laid on the cable tray, the mutual inductance of the cable will not produce a magnetic field effect, so that no current eddy current will be generated, no heat will be generated, and the current loss caused by overheating will be saved. The polymer alloy cable tray has been shown to a certain extent because of its appearance, easy installation, anti-corrosion and its insulation, so that people will consider it for construction and use when choosing a cable tray.

3. Structural principle:
 In addition to the above factors, the polymer alloy cable tray conforms to the principle of mechanical structure. By designing a double-layer hollow structure, the bearing capacity, impact resistance, toughness and strength of the product are improved. This structure can also adjust the temperature difference between inside and outside, automatically form airflow, adjust the temperature inside and outside the product, and dissipate heat. When an emergency occurs, the polymer alloy cable tray can flame retardant and protect the cable. Its production process is simple, and no open flame equipment such as cutting and welding is required during installation, so it can also be installed in places prone to flammable problems.

Secondly, it does not pollute the environment and can avoid fire hazards. The waste bridge can be recycled, disposed of, and reused, which meets the requirements of environmental protection and realizes a circular economy. The polymer alloy cable bridge has flame retardancy, which can effectively reduce the probability and loss of circuit damage and further deterioration of accidents, and the smoke suppression in its additives. The ingredients can inhibit the harm of smoke and dust to the human body.

Due to its various characteristics, the polymer alloy cable tray is more competitive than the traditional metal cable tray. Therefore, when people make choices, through the comparison and consideration of the two, the polymer alloy cable is selected. There are more and more people on the bridge, which is why it is popular.