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Polymer lined alloy anti-corrosion bridge

Polymer alloy
"Polymer": A compound with a large relative molecular mass and a repeating structural unit formed by chemical bonds between a large number of atoms. According to the application function, it is divided into general-purpose, special-type and functional polymer materials. By controlling and modifying the structure of polymer materials, it can have various properties. This type of polymer material has the incomparable and irreplaceable excellent properties of traditional metal materials and inorganic non-metallic materials, so it is widely used in various fields such as cutting-edge technology development, national defense construction and civil construction.
"Alloy technology": a new composite material formed by physical blending and chemical bonding of two or more different functional polymers. The intervention of modification technology also superimposes the respective advantages of different thermodynamically incompatible polymers. The functionalization and high performance of new materials are suitable for many fields and meet the needs of different customers.

Polymer anti-corrosion cable tray:
The polymer anti-corrosion cable tray has the superior properties of polymer materials in all aspects. The new aluminum profiles lined on the side plates and the bottom plate of the bridge are lighter in weight and higher in strength than aluminum alloys. Therefore, the long-span cable tray is also in strength and bearing capacity. The force performance is more outstanding. The ultimate load of force can reach 200-250kg/m, which is suitable for places with large span, many cables and high force requirements.